Staff/Faculty Directory

Brooke Ball

Biology Teacher

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John Baker

VP of Advancement

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Kelly Brennan

Development Officer

(714) 439-9626 ext. 222

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Suzanne Denson

Founding Assistant Director, Corporate Work Study 

(714) 439-9626 ext. 302

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Jovanni Gonzalez

Dean of Students

(714) 439-9626 ext. 211 

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Kirk Garrett

Spanish Teacher

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Michaela Hamad

Stephen Holte

Founding President

(714) 439-9626 ext. 220

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Edwin Hurtado

World History Teacher

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Teresa Machado

Admissions Counselor/ Community Engagement Manager

(714) 439-9626 ext. 105

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Laura Machado-Browne

Susan McKeever

Founding Vice President, Corporate Work Study

(714) 439-9626 ext. 301

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Vince Prietto

Campus Ministry/Theology

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Linda Ramirez

Founding Vice President, Finance

(714) 439-9626 ext. 501

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Lorena Ramos

School Enrollment Coordinator

(714) 439-9626 ext. 219

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Karelyn Roberts

Founding Principal

(714) 439-9626 ext. 201

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Pablo Zapotecas

School Counselor

(714) 439-9626 ext. 203

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